In the day and age of advanced communications, I think we tend to lose something of the personal touch of a handwritten letter. Even when I am writing letters to folks back home it can be computer typed! Although some correspondents remain “old fashioned”, I will respond to them through written communication. When one writes a letter, it seems more expressive since they are sharing something of themselves. Isn’t it a joy to receive letter in the mail? A brother priest of mine receives letters from his mother every month without fail, still written by hand with the personal touch.
In the New Testament, we have a series of letters written by Paul, the great missionary and apostle to the Gentiles. He writes very personally, expressing his love and concern for the churches. These letters were read aloud as the people gathered to hear the news from their friend. Sometimes the letters were full of challenging comments; it depended on what they needed to hear! These letters make good reading and prayerful reflection even today.  Sometimes we can pass them by as times of the past. However, they can be very good practice for daily Christian living. Take one of his letters and read it some day!
The letter we have in today’s first reading is to the people of Corinth. Corinth was a busy town of trade and very prone to the Greek culture. Along with this came the pagan superstitions and cultic practices prevalent in an ancient culture. Paul is writing this letter, in particular, to some of the issues that needed attention in Corinth. However, before he challenges them, he writes to remind the people that they a new people of God.
We are a people called by God, consecrated in Jesus Christ, a holy people a people set apart. We all have been baptised into this community, which we call church. We all belong to the church and all of us are to live in the grace and peace of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
I find great comfort in the words of Paul – that Christ will strengthen us to the end. We need that strengthening, or in other words, confirmation. To live as a faithful Christian is challenging indeed. We have everything going against us in the world! Hence, it is vitally important that we belong to a community, and find our strength in a community. In these few verses, Paul is asserting that God is faithful. Heaven knows how unfaithful we are – but God is faithful! Try to think of how God has been faithful in your own life. Where are the times he has proved to you the goodness of God, his provision, love, mercy, guidance, and strength? God is faithful!

Reflect on these words of scripture: God is faithful

Make a list of the times God has been faithful to you. Ask him to remind you where he has been faithful- you may have forgotten!