The manifestation of God ‘s goodness to us in the person of Jesus His Son offers us the opportunity for a new way of living starting now. Sometimes people ask me about those who leave repentance up until the last moment of their life. In other words they ‘enjoy’ the forbidden fruits of sin for as long as possible before turning back to God with a repentant heart. There are a number of problems with such an attitude.

The first is that we are assuming that we will have some sort of forewarning of our deaths. There is nothing that supports this opinion at all. Absolutely no one knows when he or she is to die. It is probably one of the more frightening aspects of death: the knowledge that we do not know when it will occur!

Secondly, the longer we stay living lives of sin the more difficult it will be to extricate ourselves from these patterns of sin. If you have ever attempted to break a sinful habit you will be well aware of what I am now saying. We are only fooling ourselves if we think we still retain control if we allow sin to freely reign in our lives over a period of time.

Thirdly, the percentages just do not add up. Why on earth would anyone want to remain in a state that they know is at enmity with God when they have the power to change the situation in their hands? Only a very foolish person would want to do that. Yes, I am only too aware of the seductive power of sin and its pleasures, however, if we take the time to consider the wonders and beauty of life lived in communion with God, surely the latter will become more appealing than the former.

One of the great sins we have to overcome is our sheer laziness. If we took the trouble to get to know God with the same fervour we follow our favourite sport or spend with our favourite hobby, I think we would find the decisions we should be making in our spiritual lives considerably easier. The only way to really find out is to give it a try! What are you going to do?

Do I tend to leave repentance and conversion until tomorrow because it looks like too much work to change my life now? Is this really advisable? Why not leave something else until later and repent now?

Lord Jesus, you are a merciful God but you are also just. Help me to develop urgency in my heart as to the need for conversion so that I can live the life that you desire for me.