2 Tm 2: 8-15    God has demonstrated his faithfulness to his people over the past millennia; it is now our turn to demonstrate our faithfulness and perseverance in his will. We can know for sure that God will always be with us, the question we have to answer is whether or not we will always stay close to God? Faithfulness is a result of the decisions we make, it does not just happen. We have to be willing to choose for God over and above what the world offers us.

Holy Spirit, without your assistance I will not be able to remain faithful through all the struggles and trials of life. I may succeed sometimes, but there will always arise an obstacle that is too great for my strength alone. Help me to overcome these difficulties.

Ps 25: 4-5ab. 8-9. 10 and 14

Mk 12: 28-34 The command to love includes both God and our neighbor in two parts, just as the first three commandments deal with our relationship with God and the latter seven with our neighbor. Perhaps the distribution of the commandments tells us that we are going to struggle more with loving our neighbor than God. Makes sense to me as I have a lot more neighbors than Gods in my life.

Holy Spirit, strengthen my resolve to love my neighbor no matter what his or her attitude may be to me. Help me to overcome all prejudices in my life so that I will treat all with the same respect and dignity as I do you.