1 Kgs 19:9.11-16        It would be a mistake to think that God only touches our lives in spectacular and easily discernable ways. Probably the vast majority of the ways the Lord touches our lives is in the little daily things we do. God does not want us living some sort of a roller-coaster life of faith – in the heavens one day and done in the doldrums the next. No, it is far better and much more sustainable if he touches us in little ways regularly.

Holy Spirit, help me to be sensitive enough in spirit to be able to recognize the ways in which God is touching my life. I will welcome the big touches but also be satisfied with the little daily ones as well.

Mt 5:27-32      Jesus will not compromise the truth. In fact until 1930 the united Christian witness regarding sexuality was the same. Since then it has been a downhill ride with the Catholic Church alone remaining faithful to the traditional Christian teachings on contraception, abortion, homosexuality and so on. The open-market approach to morality began with eth Anglican Church removing its opposition to contraception. Since then, the devil has had a great time sowing lies and doubts as to what is right and wrong in this area of our lives.

Jesus, help me to appreciate the gift the Magisterium of the Church is in preserving true teaching about human sexuality. Give me the grace to both understand and live it.