We need never doubt that God will hold back from us anything we need to live the life of a disciple. Look at today’s Gospel for example: Jesus rejoices in the fact that the disciples realise they have been given power over the devil in order to proclaim the Kingdom of God. It is the same for us all! Through the Sacrament of Baptism we all share in the victory of Christ over sin. Just as was the case with the disciples of Jesus, it is up to us to appropriate this victory and use it for the glory of the Kingdom of God.

I often have people complain to me that they never experience this so-called ‘victory’ over sin. My first response is usually to ask them whether or not they are serious about following Jesus as his disciple. The conversation that follows normally reveals a half-hearted attempt at discipleship and a corresponding half-experience of the power of God in the person’s life. We must realise that the Christian life is not about God handing to us everything we want on a platter! There is commitment required from us to be his disciple and live a life that reflects this commitment. Without this, it is not possible for us to receive the fullness of all God offers us because we will not really know what it is that God offers us nor how to put the graces into practice in our lives.

Discipleship is a way of life in itself, not just an addendum to the life we live in the world. In fact, discipleship must come before all other commitments if we are truly going to give Jesus his proper place in our lives! This is where most of us fail to grasp ands implement what it means to have faith in God and to place our trust in him. We fail to approach this way of life on the terms given to us by God and try to live it on our own terms. This will ultimately fail as Christianity is all about following Jesus, not our own will!

What are the priorities of my life at this time? How can I improve the order of them if this is necessary?

Holy Spirit, help me to honestly look at my life and set right my priorities according to the rule of your will and not my own.