GOD ALONE IS MY REST                Isa. 26:7-9,12,16-19

St Augustine says, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you”. This famous quote rings loud and clear in our ears. Life is a journey we are all called to walk in seeking the Lord. Ignatius of Loyola once taught that the principle and foundation of our lives is God’s love. We are to love, honor and serve the Lord and then be with him forever in heaven. This was leant by many at school as they were taught the truths of their faith in catechesis. Love is the foundation of our lives. It is in God we live and move and have our being. As a fish is sustained in the water so too is the soul sustained in God

Israel has undergone the cruelties of war. The people are devastated at their loss. The great Army of Assyria has brought desolation to the people of Israel On behalf of the people Isaiah turns to God acknowledging their disobedience and waywardness – the reason why they were crushed through the atrocities of war. If only they turned to God. Israel was chosen by God to be the light; they were blessed with the covenant of God’s protection and presence. Now hope seems lost, is there any way that God will receive this abandoned and rebellious people?

The prophet speaks that is in the name and title of God alone that give life to our souls. Gods name has been uttered to be through the grace of the Spirit. There is hope to be restored. God will give back to them what they have lost. They are to sing, awaken and return to the Lord, those who lie in the dust. God will produce the fruitfulness of faithfulness. They will know that God as their shield and strength. Our souls yearn for God like a deer looking for water. The psalmist writes that the sheep find rest by the cool, still waters. We the sheep of God, members of his family are to find refreshment, renewal and restoration in God alone

Oftentimes the tragedies of life will lead a void in our lives. We look for peace acceptance, identity. This can often be lost through traumas that we encounter. If not God, we look to other things to fill the void, the restlessness. Drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality, and other substances replace the heartache for love and consolation. Often they form into habits or addictions – our hearts become restless until they rest in God. We look to relationship that will perhaps meet the needs that we need. We escape the pain of restlessness in many ways.  However, God alone suffices. He alone is the answer to our deep longings and desires

What is the burden that lay upon our heart? Are there times when we are troubled in spirit? Do we give into doubt and uncertainty?

Lord God I come to you. My heart finds its rest in you. Pour your spirit into my life Renew my love. Amen