The importance of embracing the truth in our lives becomes evident when we understand that our lives are supposed to give glory to God. There is nothing more integral to the glory of God than the beauty of truth. As we reflected yesterday, we live in a world trying to sideline the importance of truth. We do this to our own peril and the peril of the society in which we live! If we want a just society then it must be built on the truth or not at all.


When convenience and personal preference are the primary guides to decision making, we are in a lot of trouble. When expediency and pragmatism are the foundations of our moral reasoning we are also in trouble. Yes, they play a part, but only in so far as they are in the service of truth. Truth is the bedrock upon which society must build its norms and practices. The Roman Empire collapsed because its society had degenerated to the point of virtually becoming amoral in its approach to many things. Western society today is quickly approaching the same level of amorality in its approach to many issues surrounding human reproductive practices. There is an agenda behind Planned Parenthood’s support of contraception and abortion on demand. They want to control the reproductive rights of the people of the third world in order to lessen the impact they might make on the use of the world’s resources and hence their desire to continue to live the consumer driven lives in the West! There is little or no concern for the people of developing countries other than to lessen the impact they might be able to have on the way they, the West, chooses to live. The question of the morality of the practices involved is never addressed because they are immoral in both act and intent!


The only way a person can give true glory to God in their lives is through exercising their God-given right to free choice when it comes to their actions. This free choice must be guided by the truth and not by the underhand intentions of a powerful minority, however numerous that minority may be. It is the truth that speaks of the beauty of God’s creation and nothing else.


Holy Spirit, help me to be committed to living the truth in love every day of my life so that I will never lose and opportunity to give glory to God.