I always find it inspiring to read about the experiences of men and women who have given birth to something new in the life of the Church. This is never an easy thing to do and often involves hardship and difficulty. At the same time there is normally the joy and satisfaction of being able to look at the new work that has been established. Just as the mother goes through pain in giving birth to a child, she also has the joy of holding the child in her arms once it is born.

There is always a cost to be paid by those who establish a new work in the Church. A new work, by its nature, not only involves the hard work of laying foundations so that the work will endure, it can also arouse suspicions from the more established sections of the Church. It seems that change is not easy to embrace, even in the Church. The Pharisees and the leaders of the Jews were constantly making life difficult for Jesus as Jesus sough to change the peoples’ perceptions of their faith. I am sorry to say, that it seems that the times have not changed a great deal in this regard!

It can be helpful to look at this whole experience from the point of view that if something is worth doing; then it is worth fighting for as well! That is, unless the people involved in new works are willing to stand by their convictions of what God is telling them to do, it is very unlikely that the work will come into existence. Perhaps this is a good thing as it ensures that the new movements that last in the Church have people that are committed to them and convinced that the entire struggle to establish them is worth it in the long term.

The present Pope has always encouraged the birth and growth of new movements in the Church, as they are a sign of the life and vitality of the Church. Let us do all that we can to support those movements of which we are aware and seek to be obedient to all that God asks us to do.

What is my attitude to new innovations and movements within the Church? Do I really try to discern if God is asking me to belong to one of them, or am I too busy to really care about this issue?

Holy Spirit, it is by your inspiration that new movements are given birth in the life of the Church. Thank you for the life that you instil in the Church. Help me to be an active participant in all that God wants me to be involved.