GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD        Mic.2:1-5

Micah is a contemporary of Isaiah. He is from the southern part of Judah. Like Isaiah, he challenges the social conditions of the day. Their social ills affected the smaller town and villages of Judah. He foretold the fall of Samaria, the capital of Israel and prophesies the desolation of Judah. He speaks on the judgment and deliverance of God. He speaks of woe and hope to the people of God. Micah prophesized the impending disaster of exile that was approaching the people

These few verses in the first reading of today’s liturgy are a challenge to the wealthy landowners who were causing oppression towards the poor. The rich controlled the structure of society. Their wealth won their way through many bribes and they posed their influence on those who were less fortunate. In this case the rich became richer whilst the poor became poorer – some things never change.

The inheritance of land was an issue in the days of Micah.  Land was a useful commodity for farming, building, and it was seen as a blessing from God. There was much influence on the part of the rich to dissuade a person from using and taking away that which was rightly theirs. The rich took for granted the blessing of God in their lives. They were so caught up in their crime of corruption that they turned a blind eye to the needy in their midst. They violated the tenth commandment. They coveted the others property, motivated by greed

God looks upon all as equal. In the sight of God there is no salve or freeman, no gentile or Jew, rich or poor, but all are one in him. This has been made possible through Jesus who having destroyed the barrier of hostility has made Jews and Gentiles as one. He has brought peace by the blood of the Cross. We are to live as one people, a holy people set apart for God. There is no distinction in Christ.

We can easily become jealous of others when we see them advancing in ways beyond ourselves. We become greedy and want what they have, but know we cannot have it. Rather than giving thanks to God for others blessings we hold grudges and breed resentment in our lives. All that we have is grace from God. We can never say that what we have is ours alone, since God is our provider.  St Paul teaches us that those who are jealous, covetous, idolaters will never enter the Kingdom of God (Eph.5)

Do I allow myself to become jealous or envious of others? Do I give thanks to God for those whom he has blessed?

Lord, I thank you for the blessings of my life. May I never take fro granted the gifts you have given me. Amen