Solomon was the one of the finest kings of Israel. He was the son of David and ruled for about 40 years. He was wise, intelligent, talented and skilled in many areas. Solomon prospered; many came to seek his wisdom and advice. Many pledged their submission to him. He was a splendor of light in the Kingdom of Israel. Solomon is about 20 when he is enthroned as King. Such demands could not possibly be made by one so inexperienced Solomon trusts in the Lord, following the footsteps of his father David.

Among all the desires that Solomon could have asked for, he asks for one. He makes his request known before the Lord that he would be given wisdom and understanding. The Lord pleased with the humble request of King Solomon and so grants this to him. He is given a heart so wise and understanding that he is able to discern right from wrong. The gift of wisdom and understanding is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is one of those seven- fold gifts poured into our lives in the Sacrament of Confirmation. In this sacrament we are sealed in the grace of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is given as in indelible mark on our souls. The gift of Wisdom is practical insight with spiritual implications. Wisdom is “thinking in the Holy Spirit”.

The author of Proverbs (attributed to Solomon) speaks much about the fruits of wisdom. Wisdom helps one to follow God’s design and to avoid moral pitfalls. A loving submission to God and faithfulness to his word are the trademarks of wisdom. Wisdom produces fruit within us -with wisdom one understands right from wrong. When wisdom enters in the heart discretion will protect you. Wisdom saves people from the wickedness of sin and evil doers. Wisdom prolongs life and gives makes one prosper. Wisdom is often spoken in the feminine sense. She is one who protects, exalts, honors and embraces the one who seeks her. Jesus is the wisdom of God (1 Cor1.130). Paul prays that we may have the wisdom that the Spirit brings so as to know Jesus better (Eph.1.17)

Solomon walked in the ways of righteousness doing well, and observing the statutes of the Lord. He had to govern a vast people, and was called on to make decisions every day for the prosperity of Israel. He put his trust completely in his God. We are called to make decisions every day. We are called to walk with God in righteousness and justice. We cannot do this ourselves and so we too need to ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding to govern us all our days

Am I open to the promptings and direction of the Holy Spirit? Make a decision today to live in the Spirit

Lord, grant me wisdom and understanding. Give me a discerning heart to know right from wrong. Give me insight to understand your ways. Amen