When you think about it, everything we have is a gift from God. The life you live, the breath you breathe. The eyes you use to read this reflection. Your house in which you live, the food you eat, the friends you enjoy, well we can go on and on. All of that we have is of the bountiful goodness of God. All is given from him. We own nothing, except our sin. That is the only thing not given by God to us! So are we good stewards?
Jesus is tells us in the gospel that we are to be trustworthy, responsible, and good stewards of all given to us. Nothing that we have is ours to keep. It is on loan from God. Everything returns to God for all belongs to him.
I once heard that the poor are never too poor in that they can give, the rich are never rich that they can receive. Mother Teresa of Calcutta mentions that we are to take what the Lord gives and give what the Lord takes. This is detachment. All too often we become attached to many things even money. Money is to be used rightfully, in ways that honor the Lord and help those in need. The trouble is that money takes a hold on people lives and in the end, it kills!
What are the gifts that you possess? Do you possess them?  Alternatively, do they possess you? Possession can breed selfishness. People can become very stingy in their outlook of life. They are not willing to give and unwilling to make any sacrifice. On the other hand, many people are extremely generous. These are the good stewards.  The selfless and detached person sees everything as given from God.  They consider themselves unworthy to have such blessings. In their humility, they are more than willing to share. Let us be like the ones whom the Lord commends in the Gospel. If we have been faithful in small matters in our life, the Lord will entrust us with riches, the treasure of heaven, namely eternal life. What profit, said he, is it to gain the whole world yet loses ones soul.

Are you trustworthy and faithful in what has been given you?

God of my heart, given me the grace of detachment. Dearest Lord, teach me to be generous. Amen