FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS             Mtt.13.31-35

Have you ever made bread? It takes a lot of effort. One has to measure the flour, sugar, water, and yeast, although you must take care with the yeast. You only need a small amount to allow the bread to rise. It is an amazing sight to watch the bread rise with just the right amount of yeast and nice warm temperature. Have you ever seen mustard seed? At the time of Jesus, it was the smallest seed. -similar to what we know as pepper. It was amazing that such a small seed would develop into a large tree, even up to ten feet!

It was with these familiar images, so close to home, that Jesus used to speak on the Kingdom of heaven. The topic was so close to his heart that he wanted all to understand just how precious it was. Jesus uses of parables were a skilful technique of making known an extraordinary message. What seemingly was so small and insignificant would develop into something profound and wonderful. From the humble beginnings the message of the Kingdom began with twelve simple men and now had grown to a worldwide phenomenon

From small beginnings, unassuming and unpromising great things are formed. Think of small businesses that began with a handful of dedicated employees and now their business is blooming. Think of small nations seeking to form independence and democracy of government. With a lot of hard work and effort they are formed into strong nations. Think of the student hard at study and seeking to learn the tools of the trade becomes a successful doctor or an artist. That is true of TV personalities, entertainers, and other such identities. It was from such small beginnings in an inconspicuous place, despised by many, that the Savior and Redeemer of the world, who was born, died and rose again. We can never underestimate the littleness of small beginnings.

It is from these seemingly small materials, the seed and the yeast, that Jesus illustrates the expansiveness of the Kingdom They may seem minor objects, often taken for granted, yet these small materials, the seed and the yeast have great power, potential and ability to develop, strengthen and form great things – the seed becomes a tree, the yeast becomes bread; shelter for the birds, and bread as nourishment for man.

At times we seem insignificant, incapable, small in the eyes of many – but the Lord will use whatever we offer him. Therese of Liseux once said that she could bring to the Lord a small thimble (object used for sewing) or a forty gallon drum and the Lord will fill with grace. Whatever we bring to the Lord will fill and make good. St Ignatius encourages those who sought the Lord to come with a magnanimous heart – that is to be large hearted. This is the story of the saints who have gone before us. They came from small beginnings and the Lord used them in powerful ways.

The mustard seed are the virtues planted in me and the yeast is the Spirit that fills my life.
Identify the virtues in your life asking the Lord to water and nurture them with his spirit

Father, may your Kingdom come and may your will be done. Let your Kingdom reign in my life Amen