2 Sm 7: 1-5. 8b-12. 14a. 1 Eventually David realises that it is not his calling to build a physical house for the Lord. It will be his son, Solomon who will get the task of building the Temple. Yet, Nathan continues to speak of the House of David. What does this mean? It means that the Messiah will be linked to the House of David. And it is the Lord who will make this happen, not David, nor indeed any of his descendants.

Jesus, help me to accept that it is you who build the house of faith in my life or any building will be in vain. Help me to humble myself and accept that I need you to help me follow you.

Rom 16: 25-27 All glory and honour belongs to Jesus. This can be a very hard thing to accept as we all like a little bit of glory from time to time. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the achievements of our lives so long as we remember that it is only by the grace of God that they are possible. Let us be humble enough to move under God’s grace so that our lives will always give glory to him!

Holy Spirit, I pray that I will never hold back on giving the glory of my life to Jesus as it is only through him that I can achieve any of the things I have done.

Lk 1: 26- 38 Mary knows that what God asks of her is impossible without his grace. She is very clear in stating that God should do what he wants to do and not what she thinks might be best. I wonder if we all have the humility of Mary to both believe and act upon this simple little truth? It is essential for us to do this if we want to be a part of any lasting work in the Kingdom of God as if we rely upon our own strength we will eventually discover something that is impossible to do.

Holy Spirit, you are the master of the impossible! Help me to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in my life so that I may play an active part in the proclamation of the Gospel.