No one would wander into a forest knowing that they are following a broken compass. If we knew that your life depended on the direction of the tool in your hands, you would want some assurance that it is pointing you in the right direction. To willingly follow a compass that was broken would be absolute madness.

Yet we do this every day with our decision making. Every day we make decisions based either on ‘sound reason’ or ‘gut feeling’. Yet we rarely take the time to reflect on whether our reason or gut is actually pointing in the right direction. The disturbing reality is that, if you are human, it probably isn’t.

Every human being has experienced pain. We are all broken whether we are conscious of it or not. If I am broken, then this means that my internal compass is also broken. My ‘sound reason’ is being heavily influences by things from my past that I might not even be consciously aware of.

This is where we need to reset our bearings every day with the scriptures and the wisdom of those holy Christians who have gone before us. We need to trust the guidance of well trained spiritual directors who can see things in our decision making that we are blind to. If we always refer ourselves back to the truth, then we can rise above our brokenness and see reality clearly.