Discipleship, if we take it seriously, is a life-long work and not easy. Jesus tells Peter that before he became a disciple he was his own master and was free to do what he wanted whenever he wanted to do it. As a disciple, Peter has given over his life to the leading of the Holy Spirit, his new Master. This is what the process of discipleship is all about – placing one’s life under the direction of another who has been commissioned to mentor us in the ways of Christ and the Gospel.

We can go through life without ever becoming a disciple of Jesus; we can go to Mass every week and never become a disciple of Jesus; I also believe that we can pray every day without becoming a disciple of Jesus! How can this be? Becoming a disciple of Jesus requires a whole deeper level of commitment to a mentoring process than just attending various events on a regular basis. There is an attitude of heart that we must develop if we are going to enter into a successful mentoring program. We must have hearts that are obedient to God’s word; open to his Spirit wherever he leads us and most of all, willing to let go of our personal dreams for life and willing to take up God’s will, whatever it might be for us.

Discipleship is a way of life; it is a vocation that will consume us to the day that we die! If we are not ready for that level of commitment then we will not be ready to embrace the depth of mentoring available to us in the teachings of the Church and the life of the Holy Spirit. When we read the stories of conversions of the lives of the saints we begin to see what it means to love God above all other things and to make our life’s focus his Kingdom. God calls us all and now we understand what is meant that the saints are the ones who choose to be chosen by God! The saints have forsaken their own desires and dreams and given first place to the will of God in their lives. They want nothing more and nothing less than to be mentored by the Holy Spirit, whatever that may happen to involve for the!

Am I ready to be mentored in the life of holiness by the Holy Spirit? Have I got the strength and courage to embark on a life of surrender to the degree necessary to become a saint?