Gn 2: 7-9; 3: 1-7 This second account of Creation is a very beautiful description of the way God shares the gift of life with us. God does not just create us but he also creates everything we need to live. With this in mind we can see how much a tragedy sin really is! It is rebellion against God, rebellion without even a shred of gratitude towards God for his goodness to us. Let us seek to reverse this ingratitude and rebellion in our lives through obedience and gratefulness to God for all he has done for us.

 Jesus, thank you for the gift of your love and mercy. Help me to never forget that I do not deserve them but you have freely chosen to give them to me despite my unworthiness.

 Rom 5: 12-19 or 5: 12. 17-19 We have ourselves to thank for the disaster that sin has brought upon the human race and the world. We cannot blame God for this! In fact, it is God who gives us the way out through the gift of his forgiveness of our sins in Jesus Christ. Not only does God create us in the first instance, he redeems us in the second to give us another chance at forming ourselves in his image and likeness.

 Father in heaven, there is no doubt that you are a God of mercy and love. Help me to embrace these gifts so that I will never forget the honor and obedience due to you in my life.

 Mt 4: 1-11 The devil is allowed to test Jesus. Jesus comes through the test with flying colors. The devil is unable to penetrate to the heart of Jesus’ love for his Father as Jesus refuses to countenance any of his lies. It is when we give credence to sin and its temptations that we get into trouble. This is where our problems start. It is time for us to take responsibility for the choice of voices we listen to and choose only those that are going to help us to grow in our love for God and one another.