Is jesus simply showing off when he performs the miracle of the feeding of the multitudes? I think not as that would be sinful and as we all know Jesus did not sin! The miracle is all about God’s providence – he will and does provide for his people. The critical thing for me in the miracle is that fact that there is a contribution from those who are ultimately fed, albeit a small boy or whoever, does not matter. In that someone gives what they have in the way of food, we note that there is a contribution from us. Why is this important?


It is important simply because it signifies to us that we do what we can to reach the goal required. It is an acknowledgment that we have given of our own resources and it is not just God who is doing the giving! This is important as it demonstrates to us that we cannot just stand back and wait for God to do everything as regards our faith. We have to get involved with our god-given talents and resources, and the message of the miracle is simply that God will provide for whatever is lacking, even if it happens to be the vast majority of what is needed. What matters is that we have given our all, and I mean ALL in faith as this is what will open the heavens for God’s grace to be activated in our situation. If we hold back anything, what right have we got to ask God top provide what is lacking, let alone demand that he do so whether we believe he can or not.


As we reflect upon this miracle today let us see it as a challenge to give our all for the work of the Kingdom. Let us hold nothing back from the service of the Gospel even when it may seem that our contribution is insignificant, let us trust that whatever we have been given by God has been given to us fo rthe purpose of sharing it with others. In this way I believe that we will get the besyt out of both God and ourselves for the work of his Kingdom.


Jesus, thank you for the daily providence I experience in my life; thank you for the way in which I have never really lacked what I need in serving you. Thank you, in advance for the providence I wil experience in the future.