Is 25: 6-10a God has provided us with a world that has sufficient food and material wealth for everyone. Why are some people starving and living in terrible poverty? There are many reasons for this but no small part is that the wealthy ignore their responsibility to share! Yes, it is a responsibility before it is a choice! There is a moral obligation here that we ought to respond to but more often than not do not.

Jesus, teach us how to share with those who have less than we do. I know I cannot change the situation of world poverty but I also know I can contribute a little bit to the solution.

Mt 15: 29-37 This feeding miracle is a miracle of hope and providence. The world does have enough food to feed everybody – it just needs to be better distributed. In some countries up to 40% of food is wasted. How can this be acceptable when there are so many who do not have enough to eat? Do the wealthy think they will avoid judgment on this issue? The Scriptures are quite clear they will not! Yes, much poverty has to do with corrupt leaders and other problems but let that be their problem and not our excuse for trying to avoid the responsibility of giving.

Jesus, you did not heal everyone on earth of their sickness. It was not possible for you to meet everyone. You did what your Father asked you to do; help me to do the same.