Kgs 12: 26-32; 13: 33-34 Jeroboam builds idols to create alternative worshipping places for the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Jerusalem is in the Southern Kingdom of Judah). Not only is the nation divided but now the vast majority of it is worshipping idols! This means disaster for Israel and such will not be long coming with exile (to Assyria) in less than 100 years! Unfaithfulness to God ultimately does not bear good fruit.

 Jesus, help me to remain faithful to you no matter what the draw of secularism or materialism may be. Wealth can never substitute for faith.

 Mk 8: 1-10 Jesus feeds the people because he has pity for them? Yes, but it is more than that as well. He feeds the people to demonstrate that he has the power to overcome seemingly impossible difficulties. He is not constrained by the normal laws of supply and distribution. As Son of God he stands above the normal physical laws of nature. This is a sign to us all of his divinity.

 Jesus, let me not be distracted by the wonders of your miracles but see them as means by which my faith in you can grow and become stronger.