Ex 34: 4b-6. 8-9 The Scriptures struggle to give voice to the true nature of God in his Trinitarian form. Theologians have continued that struggle for the last 2000 years! It truly is a mystery. However, God is not that much of a mystery such that we cannot say anything about him. What is important is that we build on our personal experience of God with the doctrines and teaching of the Church so that we can grow in our spiritual understanding of how to relate to him.

Jesus, you are three persons of one substance. Allow me the grace to be able to relate to you in the ways that I need to in order to grow in my capacity to both love and serve you.

2 Cor 13: 11-13 One of the most important witnesses of the Trinity is in the communal nature of our God. The three persons are indivisible, that is, they cannot be fully separated from each other. Yes, they are individual persons, but united in relationship such that the bonds of love between them cannot be broken. This is how it should be in our relationships with God and one another. Unfortunately sin has damaged our capacity to and for love and so we have to struggles to maintain the unity that would be possible if sin was not around.

Jesus, help me to be an instrument for unity in the your Body, the Church. Help me to break down the barriers put up by sin so that we can all learn to love you and each other more and more each day.

Jn 3: 16-18 God does not want to be the cause of division, however, we must all decide whether or not we believe. The nature of our choice will determine whether we choose the unity of faith in God or the division of individualism and lack of faith. It is so sad to see people walk away from a life of faith but that is the reality of what sin does to us. Let us seek to deny sin the opportunity to divide us from God and each other by remaining faithful to God.

Holy Spirit, help me to see that it is through accepting God’s love for me and sharing it with others that I will grow in love with both God and those around me.