Today the Church honors and celebrates the life of Lawrence, deacon of the Roman Church in 3rd century. He was deacon to Pope Sixtus when during a persecution of Emperor Valerian. Lawrence is well known for his acts of kindness to the poor, widows, and those less fortunate. He would often sell even the sacred vessels in order to have money to be give to the poor. He was untiring in his selflessness ad zeal for the anawim of God. Even as Pope Sixtus was being lead away to his execution, Lawrence was eager to follow to the point of death – he was soon to follow the footsteps of the Vicar of Christ.
Lawrence died to himself in this life and as Jesus says, produced much fruit. He was truly a servant to the servant of God. He was the grain of wheat that fell to the ground, crushed and grounded for the Kingdom. Lawrence is truly honoured by God the Father in the ranks of heaven today
In a egotistic society that exalts and glorifies self, Lawrence message speaks loud and clear. A message such as this we easily reject. The world will convey a message in opposition – to act selfish, to put you before others at whatever cost. However, the message of Lawrence speaks of life and glory. Jesus says that if anyone wants to serve him let him or her follow. We know what Jesus went through in obedience to the Father, nothing short of crucifixion.
Let us be willing to follow Jesus to wherever he leads us. We have Lawrence to pray for us and encourage us on the road that leads to life and fulfilment

Will you die to your self today, your needs, desires, sinful attitudes in order to live?

Make my heart firm in you Lord, trusting in your steadfast and generous love. Amen