What does it mean that the MGLs are charismatic?

Our life springs from the experience of the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”. This  the grace that renews sacramental baptism, opens one to charismatic gifts, brings one into deeper conscious relationship with Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and brings personal transformation, enabling a person to yield the fruits of the Spirit in a new way.

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How do the MGL priests and brothers pray?

The Missionaries of God’s Love has a vigorous prayer life. Personal prayer is crucial for a life with Jesus. Brothers seek to develop an attitude of continuous prayer in the heart. Silent adoration of Jesus in the reserved Eucharist is highly prized; brothers are committed to at least one hour of adoration when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed each day. We aim to develop the gift of contemplation – that loving attentive gaze of the heart upon Jesus. Reading of Scripture and meditation on the Word of God is important, as well as the reading of spiritual books. The examen and regular use of the sacrament of reconciliation are also crucial for growth.

Our communal prayer has different expressions. We are committed to Eucharist as the centre of our whole common life and mission. We also celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours, chanting the psalms, at morning, evening and night. We have times of charismatic praise and use of charismatic gifts, praying over one another and ministering to one another in the Spirit. We especially value prophesy as a means of the Lord speaking to us words of encouragement and direction. We also have times of intercession and spiritual warfare, being […]

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What is the MGL prayer?

Lord Jesus, send the fire of your Spirit into our hearts.
Inflame us with a deep hunger for prayer,
an enduring desire to do the Father’s will,
a burning zeal to spread the Good News of the Kingdom
and a thirst for the salvation of all men and women.
Draw us into the fire of love in your heart so that,
embracing your Cross,
we may be truly missionaries of your love
to all whom we meet.
Now and always. AMEN.

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What is the MGL entrustment to Mary?

Immaculate heart of Mary, I entrust myself to you

Draw me into the heart of Jesus your Son

Share with me the mystery of his Cross

And the fire of his Spirit.

Gentle mother, since Jesus gave me to you from the Cross,

I am yours.

Nurture me in his love and help me to pray

Guide me in his Spirit and teach me his ways.

Pure and chaste virgin, as I place my life in your hands

Bring me closer to Jesus your Son,

Make me obedient to the Father and humble of heart.

Have eyes of mercy on me in my weakness

Protect me from the evil one

And bring healing grace to my life.

So with your spirit of gratitude and praise

I may have your heart for the mission

To spread the Good News of God’s Love.

Now and always. AMEN.

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What is the MGL Spiritual Association?

The Spiritual Association is for lay people who wish to unite their lives with the Missionaries of God’s Love in a spirit of prayer and sacrifice both spiritual and practical. The Spiritual Association, which was formed in 1989, enables lay people to join together to become a vital storehouse of prayer and support for the Missionaries of God’s Love.

The aims of the Association are:

to share the way of life of the Missionaries in a manner appropriate to one’s state in life;
to intercede for the Missionaries by prayer, fasting and/or self-denial; and
to help the work in practical ways as the opportunity arises.

Some will be drawn to offer financial support but this is not necessary for membership.

Some principles which are fundamental to the Missionaries of God’s Love and also for the Spiritual Association are:

to be centred on the Eucharist, daily Mass if possible, and an extended time of prayer each day before the Blessed Sacrament;
prayer and fasting;
growth in personal holiness, through ongoing repentance, self-denial and charity;
evangelization by bringing the Good News of Jesus to the poor; and
to have devotion to Our Lady, praying the Rosary daily and trusting in her mantle of protection.

In general, these practices are goals rather than binding requirements […]

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