What is your vision for mission?

The Missionaries of God’s Love exist to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth. We preach the fire of God’s love in Jesus crucified. We call people to conversion, a profound change of heart, and acceptance of Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord. We lead them into the experience of the baptism in the Spirit and assist them in becoming genuine disciples of Jesus. We offer them the opportunity of living in a committed Christian community and equip them with the gifts and skills necessary for them to become evangelists themselves. We do all this through involvement in specific ministries such as youth camps, university outreach, spiritual retreats, catechumenate, programs for renewal, evangelising rallies, schools of evangelisation, healing ministry, street evangelising, pilgrimages and so forth.

By the grace of ordination, those brothers who are priests are consecrated and sent to proclaim the Good News to the poor in a special way (Lk 4:18-19). They do so in the authority of Jesus as head of His body, the Church. Our vision of priesthood is essentially apostolic, prophetic and missionary. We share in the universal mission of the Church to bring the Good News to the ends […]

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Where are MGL priests and brothers currently on mission?

The Lord has called us to go out on mission throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We currently have missions in Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin and in Manila in the Philippines. In all of these areas we seek to bring people into a living relationship with Jesus by proclaiming the Love of God through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Our ministry always has a particular focus on bringing the Gospel to Young people and to those who are poor or marginalised.

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How did the Darwin mission begin?

The Missionaries of God’s Love brothers in Darwin were invited by the Bishop in 1996 to conduct a chaplaincy to the aboriginal people through the St. Martin de Porres community. This includes a chaplaincy to the Darwin jail in which most of the inmates are Aboriginal men. They also have a part-time chaplaincy at St. John’s College, which is a boarding school with a large number of Aboriginal young people. The Sunday Masses at St. Martin de Porres are very lively and filled with joyful praise and fellowship. The experience is one of acceptance, healing and reconciliation. The focus of the mission is on reaching aboriginal men, since they tend to be shy of the Church, and are caught up in other concerns. There is also a focus on young people, since they also tend to be reluctant to come to Mass and can be victims of addictions of one kind or another.

The aim of the mission is to bring people into the experience of the Baptism in the Spirit and into community experience, and to help them to be equipped to become evangelists themselves among their own people.

This ministry is special to the heart of God since the Australian […]

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What does the Manila mission involve?

Since coming to work in the Philippines in 1996, it has been the MGLs priority to reach out to the urban poor. The MGLs work predominantly with people who live in “squatter settlements” which are shanty towns with limited water supply and electricity, and with crowded conditions. The MGLs provide both spiritual and practical assistance to enable the poor and marginalised to develop their lives to the fullest extent possible.

One of the primary focuses of the ministry of the Missionaries of God’s Love is young people. A strong and dynamic youth group is seen as essential for the health of the parish and for its future growth. The MGLs also conduct Life in the Spirit seminars which empower people in the Holy Spirit and help to bring their Catholic faith alive. Many non-Christian sects are causing havoc amongst the people who have a simple, devotional faith and can be easily confused by false doctrine. The “new evangelization”, which the MGLs are bringing, offers Catholic people an opportunity of a deeper personal conversion and a new relationship with Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.

The MGLs are also helping to build the Disciples of Jesus Community in the area. Many people who […]

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How is the Canberra mission centre different to a normal parish?

The Missionaries of God’s Love have been entrusted with the parish of St Benedict’s, Narrabundah, Canberra. While caring for the pastoral needs of the parishioners and facilitating growth in the parish, the MGL priests have established a Eucharistic Centre for the region. This Centre fosters extended Eucharistic Adoration (over 60 hours a week), charismatic worship, a healing ministry, outreach to the poor, youth ministry and spiritual renewal. The life of the Centre revolves around the Sunday 7:00pm Charismatic Mass. Each Friday evening at 5:00pm, there is also a popular Healing Mass. The Centre offers regular retreats, days of healing and evangelizing outreaches. The focus is especially on reaching the young and, those who are most alienated and marginalized. There are three vibrant youth ministries catering for different age groups, as well as a creative ministry to the urban poor.

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What is the history of the Melbourne mission?

The MGLs have been associated with St Benedict’s parish Burwood since the Hephzibah Community (later Disciples of Jesus) established its Melbourne centre there in 1990. The brothers have been officially part of the parish since 1993, when Fr Bill Durkin, the Parish Priest, offered the newly vacated parish convent to the brothers, for our use as a house of studies for our seminarians. In 2006, Archbishop Denis Hart asked the MGLs to take care of the parish pastorally, and Fr Tony Schick was appointed Parish Priest. Having the care of a parish and mission in Melbourne, in the same location as our House of Studies, is a great opportunity for the seminarians and consecrated brothers to gain practical mission experience integrated with their studies as well as providing a great impetus for renewal for the parish.

Our vision for parish work is not only to bring renewal but also to offer all the traditional forms of parish pastoral care. Particularly, we seek to be an evangelising (“Eucharistic”) centre reaching far beyond the physical boundaries of the parish. There are many youth ministries at St Benedict’s and young people come from all over Melbourne to the Sunday evening (5pm) Mass. Eucharistic Adoration […]

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