What are the vows that the MGL take?

We consecrate ourselves to the Lord through vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and to offer ourselves for the preaching of the Good News to the ends of the earth.

When the Missionaries take vows they call upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to empower them and they consecrate themselves to the heart of Jesus broken in love for the world, placing themselves under the mantle of protection of Mary the Mother of God, who they trust graciously intercedes for them.

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What is the vision for the MGL formation program?

The formation process for the Missionaries of God’s Love occurs in a supportive environment of a brotherhood house. We are challenged to grow in loving relationship with the Lord and with others. We aim to help brothers grow toward personal maturity in every way. We seek to have a good harmony and balance between the spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic dimensions of growth. We focus on the individual needs of each brother and seek to help him develop in his own individuality, while also learning to be part of our community.

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What is the process if someone is thinking about joining the MGLs?

We invite any young man interested in the Missionaries of God’s Love to “Come and See” and experience our way of life. They may then choose to enter into a time of “active discernment”, during which they prayerfully consider our way of life whilst keeping in regular communication with us. This leads into a one year pre-novitiate in Canberra. This period fosters discernment “from the inside” by living with the brothers and sharing their life and mission. Following pre-novitiate discernment, they are invited to enter the novitiate program. On completion of the novitiate program brothers are invited to profess initial vows.

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What happens once you join?

Having professed initial vows, brothers have the opportunity for further study and training in our Seminary House in Burwood, Melbourne. Most of our brothers go on to prepare for priesthood and undertake several years of theological study at the Catholic Theological College , East Melbourne. Final vows are usually professed 5 years after initial vows. Our brothers are ordained first as deacons and then as priests.

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What do the brothers do in the pre-novitiate?

There are two formation houses in Canberra with one overall formation program for both pre-novices and novices.

The pre-novice year entails living fully the way of life of prayer and brotherhood, while gaining some initial mission experience. The aims of the pre-novitiate are:

to deepen in personal discipleship with Christ through prayer, study, community life, and service;
to grow in experience and understanding of the vision, life and mission of the Disciples of Jesus Community;
to grow in experience and understanding of the vision, life and mission of the Missionaries of Gods Love; and
to actively discern whether this is your life-calling.

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What do the brothers do in the novitiate?

The novitiate is a year of deepening in the spiritual life through setting aside two hours a day in contemplative prayer, having regular opportunities of 3 days of retreat in solitude, receiving teaching on the way of prayer, being guided in spiritual reading, and writing reflections on this reading, living the brotherhood life, learning more about scripture, liturgy, and the teaching of the Church, gaining more insight into the realities and challenges of living a celibate life as a priest or consecrated brother, and preparing for taking initial vows at the end of the novitiate.

At initial vows, a brother is invited to dispossess and to begin living on the providence of God within our common life. To take initial vows, he needs to be convinced that the Lord has called him to our way of life and that as far as he is aware this is his life from this time forward. His capacity to endure in the way of life will be tested during the next five years before he has the opportunity of professing final vows.

The novices and pre-novices live together in the two houses of formation.

The novices and pre-novices have separate formation programs but they share a […]

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What happens once the brothers complete their novitiate?

Once the novitiate program has been completed, Brothers have the opportunity to begin theological studies in our Melbourne House. Men are called to deepen in their personal journey with Christ. We seek to have a good harmony and balance between the spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic dimensions of growth. There are opportunities to deepen in their personal and communal prayer life as well as ministry opportunities in our parish, with the poor and with young people.

The brothers study at the Catholic Theological College (CTC) where they complete their studies for ordination. Those brothers not going onto the priesthood have the opportunity to study and develop there talents in a range of fields.

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Why do the MGLs focus so much on brotherhood?

As Jesus formed his first companions into a band of brothers, so He unites us in Him. Jesus is the centre, the source and the means of our brotherhood. Our brotherhood is a beautiful gift of the Lord, a mystery which embraces us. It is being with Jesus and in Him with one another. It has intrinsic value in itself and has to be protected from over-commitment to apostolic work. Yet it is not an end in itself – it exists for the sake of the spreading of the Gospel. It is a school of love, where the love of Jesus is made flesh in our lives.

In our brotherhood, we seek to be loyal to one another, upholding one another’s good name and keeping basic commitments for the sake of brotherhood. We relate in a friendly way, greeting with a cheerful embrace. We honour one another in speech and affirm and build one another up in reverence and respect. We encourage and correct one another when necessary, but always in trust and love. We seek to live in the light with one another, and when relationships are damaged we seek reconciliation, offering forgiveness to one another in the Lord. We […]

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