As Jesus formed his first companions into a band of brothers, so He unites us in Him. Jesus is the centre, the source and the means of our brotherhood. Our brotherhood is a beautiful gift of the Lord, a mystery which embraces us. It is being with Jesus and in Him with one another. It has intrinsic value in itself and has to be protected from over-commitment to apostolic work. Yet it is not an end in itself – it exists for the sake of the spreading of the Gospel. It is a school of love, where the love of Jesus is made flesh in our lives.

In our brotherhood, we seek to be loyal to one another, upholding one another’s good name and keeping basic commitments for the sake of brotherhood. We relate in a friendly way, greeting with a cheerful embrace. We honour one another in speech and affirm and build one another up in reverence and respect. We encourage and correct one another when necessary, but always in trust and love. We seek to live in the light with one another, and when relationships are damaged we seek reconciliation, offering forgiveness to one another in the Lord. We seek to avoid competitiveness and jealousy, and try to have compassion for the weak and those who we find difficult to love.

In our brotherhood, we have many times of laughter, recreation, and celebration. There are also times of sorrow, tension and sickness. We learn to bear all in a spirit of humility and love. The pervading atmosphere of the brotherhood is freedom and joy in the Lord, and the sense of unity in the Spirit that is very precious indeed.