The MGLs have been associated with St Benedict’s parish Burwood since the Hephzibah Community (later Disciples of Jesus) established its Melbourne centre there in 1990. The brothers have been officially part of the parish since 1993, when Fr Bill Durkin, the Parish Priest, offered the newly vacated parish convent to the brothers, for our use as a house of studies for our seminarians. In 2006, Archbishop Denis Hart asked the MGLs to take care of the parish pastorally, and Fr Tony Schick was appointed Parish Priest. Having the care of a parish and mission in Melbourne, in the same location as our House of Studies, is a great opportunity for the seminarians and consecrated brothers to gain practical mission experience integrated with their studies as well as providing a great impetus for renewal for the parish.

Our vision for parish work is not only to bring renewal but also to offer all the traditional forms of parish pastoral care. Particularly, we seek to be an evangelising (“Eucharistic”) centre reaching far beyond the physical boundaries of the parish. There are many youth ministries at St Benedict’s and young people come from all over Melbourne to the Sunday evening (5pm) Mass. Eucharistic Adoration is offered for over 85 hours  per week, with the eventual aim of becoming “perpetual”, 24 hours every day. Our hope is to help equip the laity to grow in a life of holiness and to be missionaries in our culture and society, bringing God’s love and life to a hungry world.