Since coming to work in the Philippines in 1996, it has been the MGLs priority to reach out to the urban poor. The MGLs work predominantly with people who live in “squatter settlements” which are shanty towns with limited water supply and electricity, and with crowded conditions. The MGLs provide both spiritual and practical assistance to enable the poor and marginalised to develop their lives to the fullest extent possible.

One of the primary focuses of the ministry of the Missionaries of God’s Love is young people. A strong and dynamic youth group is seen as essential for the health of the parish and for its future growth. The MGLs also conduct Life in the Spirit seminars which empower people in the Holy Spirit and help to bring their Catholic faith alive. Many non-Christian sects are causing havoc amongst the people who have a simple, devotional faith and can be easily confused by false doctrine. The “new evangelization”, which the MGLs are bringing, offers Catholic people an opportunity of a deeper personal conversion and a new relationship with Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.

The MGLs are also helping to build the Disciples of Jesus Community in the area. Many people who have been baptised in the Holy Spirit want to the join the community for further formation, discipleship, and to be equipped to become evangelists themselves among their own people. Young people are also inquiring about a vocation to consecrated life and we expect that many will take up this calling as MGLs.

While most of the middle-class population in Manila speaks English very well, the brothers find that it is necessary to learn Tagalog in order to communicate well with the poor. They are seeking to build a community in the Holy Spirit with the poor. Their initial focus is on young people, but the intention is to have a community which embraces all ages and states of life