The novitiate is a year of deepening in the spiritual life through setting aside two hours a day in contemplative prayer, having regular opportunities of 3 days of retreat in solitude, receiving teaching on the way of prayer, being guided in spiritual reading, and writing reflections on this reading, living the brotherhood life, learning more about scripture, liturgy, and the teaching of the Church, gaining more insight into the realities and challenges of living a celibate life as a priest or consecrated brother, and preparing for taking initial vows at the end of the novitiate.

At initial vows, a brother is invited to dispossess and to begin living on the providence of God within our common life. To take initial vows, he needs to be convinced that the Lord has called him to our way of life and that as far as he is aware this is his life from this time forward. His capacity to endure in the way of life will be tested during the next five years before he has the opportunity of professing final vows.

The novices and pre-novices live together in the two houses of formation.

The novices and pre-novices have separate formation programs but they share a common life in the houses, prayer together, meals, recreation and sport, and various ministry activities.