The Missionaries of God’s Love has a vigorous prayer life. Personal prayer is crucial for a life with Jesus. Brothers seek to develop an attitude of continuous prayer in the heart. Silent adoration of Jesus in the reserved Eucharist is highly prized; brothers are committed to at least one hour of adoration when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed each day. We aim to develop the gift of contemplation – that loving attentive gaze of the heart upon Jesus. Reading of Scripture and meditation on the Word of God is important, as well as the reading of spiritual books. The examen and regular use of the sacrament of reconciliation are also crucial for growth.

Our communal prayer has different expressions. We are committed to Eucharist as the centre of our whole common life and mission. We also celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours, chanting the psalms, at morning, evening and night. We have times of charismatic praise and use of charismatic gifts, praying over one another and ministering to one another in the Spirit. We especially value prophesy as a means of the Lord speaking to us words of encouragement and direction. We also have times of intercession and spiritual warfare, being vigilant against the tactics of the evil one. We have times of fasting and self-denial using it as a means of praying for the salvation of others. Our whole life involves self-denial in union with Jesus on the Cross because to love means to sacrifice oneself, and to follow Jesus means to die to oneself