The Missionaries of God’s Love brothers in Darwin were invited by the Bishop in 1996 to conduct a chaplaincy to the aboriginal people through the St. Martin de Porres community. This includes a chaplaincy to the Darwin jail in which most of the inmates are Aboriginal men. They also have a part-time chaplaincy at St. John’s College, which is a boarding school with a large number of Aboriginal young people. The Sunday Masses at St. Martin de Porres are very lively and filled with joyful praise and fellowship. The experience is one of acceptance, healing and reconciliation. The focus of the mission is on reaching aboriginal men, since they tend to be shy of the Church, and are caught up in other concerns. There is also a focus on young people, since they also tend to be reluctant to come to Mass and can be victims of addictions of one kind or another.

The aim of the mission is to bring people into the experience of the Baptism in the Spirit and into community experience, and to help them to be equipped to become evangelists themselves among their own people.

This ministry is special to the heart of God since the Australian Church, and the Australian nation as a whole, will only come to full healing and maturity when our Indigenous Peoples are able to share their gifts and contribute fully in a way that enhances their own aboriginal identity.