We live in a society that talks a lot about equality and where there are all sorts of anti-discrimination laws. There is no doubt in my mind that all people are created equal and ought to be treated as such. This does not, however, mean that we are all the same. The Holy Spirit has gifted each of us differently and it takes each of us, using the gifts and talents that we have at our disposal to make the Church and the world work well. If one person on a team slacks off, the whole of the team is affected, as others have to do a little extra to compensate.


Another way of looking at things is to consider that each person is unique and if they fail to live up to their gifting or talents then there is no one else who can actually do what they do, or more correctly, be who they are meant to be as God’s gift to the world. That is, I cannot be you and you cannot be me.


It is for these reasons that it is important for us to discover the gifts that God as given to us so that we can be true to them and place them in the service of the Kingdom of God and the rest of humanity. There is no point in trying to be the same as someone else as that is impossible. This is not to say that we cannot be inspired by others to pursue a particular vocation in life, but it is to say that we will have to discover our way of being a doctor, nurse or priest and so on.


The Holy Spirit empowers us to be children of God and to exercise fully all of the gifts that God has given us. Let us seek to be true to God’s plan and obedient to His will so that we will all work together to build a better and stronger world and a more faith-filled Kingdom of God.


What are the particular gifts and talents that God has given me? Have I sough to develop them in order to place them at the service of humanity and the Kingdom of God?


Lord Jesus, you did not seek to be anyone other tan who you were. Thank you for your obedient acceptance of the role the Father wanted you to play in His plan of salvation. Help me to do the same.