EVEN THE WINDS AND SEA OBEY          Mtt.8.23-27

Many times we hear of the disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee. Some were fishermen before being called by Jesus and so many were aware of the sudden weather changes on the lake. The sea was in a basin in which the winds could easily make their way through a valley that acted as a tunnel down through to the sea. This day was one of those days when the weather suddenly changes without a moments notice – and the disciples are terrified. Notice Jesus is asleep. It has been a long day for him. He has taught,  preached and healed many; spent himself for the Kingdom of God – and now he sleeps. This teaches us that Jesus is completely abandoned to the Father. He can trust in him.

Matthew tells us that the boat is swamped by the waves, so sudden was the storm. The disciples are so afraid that feel their lives are at stake – and they don’t see anyway out of this tumultuous storm. They call out to Jesus, he awakes, rebukes the storm and there is once again calm.
Matthew writes this story to teach his community a lesson. There are many trials that the early church had undergone. The boat symbolizes the church which is experiencing dangers in its present state. The disciples are rebuked because of their lack of faith. They are called to abandon themselves completely to him – the divine master – whom even the wind and sea obey.
Perhaps the story that Matthew relates here is typical of our experience. How often do we experience the “storms” of life breaking us and causing us terror within? What are those things that I am easily distracted with? How many times do we feel the same way as the disciples with Jesus asleep? How often do we cry out to God -why are you not listening? Do you not care? Where are you when I need you? “Lord save me, I am perishing”.
The Lord is present among us. He is not asleep, but perhaps our faith needs to be awakened. “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you (Eph 5.14). Be at peace once again for the Lord desires to give you his peace. When Jesus rebuked the wind ands seas there was great calm. Allow him to calm you of all you fears as you place your trust in Him

What are the storms in your life? What area/s in your life are the most unsettled. Where would you like Jesus to speak his peace and love – family issues, at work, at home, personality, and attitudes?

Lord, you are mighty God and prince of peace. I ask you to calm the winds and seas, the storms that break out in my life. I give you my problems and I will trust in you again