Is 60: 1-6 The image of light is an extremely powerful one. Everybody knows why we use light and so the immediate thought of it reminds us of the way it dispels darkness and makes it possible for us to see. When we speak of light in relation to Christ a Christian will always be reminded it that it is the light of his truth that helps us dispel the darkness of sin from our lives. Darkness, of any sort whatsoever, has no place where there is light.

Holy Spirit, help me to live in the light of the truth of Christ so that my life will always shine as a guide for all those who want to follow the way of being a Christian.

Eph 3: 2-3a. 5-6 Yes, we are stewards of God’s grace in the immediate sense of being accountable for all the personal gifts God has bestowed upon us. We are also stewards for so much more – the environment in which we live and all that goes with it, the knowledge we have gleaned from human studies and science to name just a couple. How well are we doing in preserving this element of our heritage for those who will come after us? Are we treating the environment well? Are we helping to use the knowledge of science well?

Holy Spirit, may all people be good stewards and use well the multitude and wealth of knowledge and gifts you have given us so that we always leave the next generation better off than we have been.

Mt 2: 1-12 The kings go looking for the Christ child because they feel it is right to pay homage to him. How well do we respect the daily presence of Christ with us? Do we truly recognize his presence or do we dismiss him too easily because we cannot touch him with our hands as Thomas did? Christ is with us wherever we may be and it is our duty and privilege as Christians to make him manifest to the world as best we can. Let us seek to do this today in new ways.

Holy Spirit, help me to be more aware that I am called to make Christ present to the world every day that I live.