1 Kgs 18: 41-46 That Elijah can predict the weather is a sign to Ahab that he is working under the inspiration of God. Unfortunately, we will see that Ahab is not able to see this and he and Elijah have a big falling out! It is important that we are both ready to submit to the guidance of those that God places in our lives to care for us, and strong enough to stand firm and remain faithful to God’s calling when we know that some people are trying to lead us astray.

Jesus, help me to have good discernment in all the important decisions of my life. May I listen to the right people and refuse to listen to those who would lead me astray.

Mt 5: 20-26 When Jesus says our righteousness must be better than that of the Scribes and Pharisees he means that we need to ensure that we live the Gospel in both deed and word. The Scribes and Pharisees were very good at working out what should be done but not so good at actually doing it! The lived example of the Gospel is the most powerful witness we can give to the love of God for his people.

Jesus, you came to serve and not be served. Help me to see that in living the Gospel to the full I perform a foundational act of service for my fellow men and women.