Is 49: 14-15 The image of the attachment of a mother to her child, especially a newly born child is extremely powerful. Isaiah uses it in the form of a negative counterpoint to explain how much God loves each one of us. When we are struggling and suffering it can be very difficult to accept that God loves us. However, if we believe the Word of God is true then we need to accept that God’s love for us is greater than anything we can imagine!

Father, your love for each of us is greater than we can imagine. Help me to accept the truth of this and to never doubt that you are always at work in my life.

1 Cor 4: 1-5 Paul cares very little about what the world thinks of him. What concerns him most is that the Gospel be proclaimed to as many people as possible. Paul’s conversion has taught him that seeking the approval of people is a complete waste of time; it is serving God that really matters, and what better way to serve God than by working for the building of his Kingdom with every talent and resource that we have at our disposal.

Holy Spirit, help me to forsake the pleasures and acclaim of the world and focus upon God’s will for my life and being satisfied with what it brings to me.

Mt 6: 24-34 Matthew reminds us that Jesus has taught us that the best focus in life is eternal life. This si what matters in the long run. Whether we are rich or famous in the eyes of the world is not going to matter on judgment day. What will matter is how well we have lived our lives in terms of Gospel truths and values. Let us never forget that God’s call upon our lives will be the one that will bring us the greatest lasting satisfaction, in fact, eternal satisfaction.

Jesus, you were obedient to your Father in all things. You have won for us all the gift of eternal life. Help me to grasp the gift with two hands and never let it go.