The Easter vigil is the Catholic equivalent of the Grand Finale of a program of shows or sporting event. There is nothing like experiencing it first hand. People pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to attend and the glory they see and experience is all passing away. The Easter Vigil is free of charge and the glory lasts forever. In fact, the celebration invites us to enter into and receive the glory as the gift of salvation Jesus has won for us all! There is no experience on earth like it for a person of faith!
Too often we spend our time and efforts running after things that are never going to last beyond a day let alone a week, lifetime or forever. Our faith, in particular all that God offers us through faith, will endure beyond our death into eternal life. That is something worth dying for; I am willing to give all for a share of that! What about you? What are deepest desires and dreams for your life? Do hey include sharing eternal life with God and all his saints? I certainly hope so or else your dreams and desires are going to be remarkably short-lived and very disappointing!
In this sense, and in this sense alone we are masters of our own destiny: there is a choice we have to make as to whether or not we want to share the gift of eternal life God is offering to all. It is a free gift but we have to choose to accept the gift and walk with the consequences of entering into a life of discipleship for the remainder of our lives. This will not be an easy task, but if anything is worth the fight, then surely the promise of eternal life is worth fighting for whatever the cost may be.
The Father sent Jesus to die for our sin. There was no compulsion for Jesus to do this other than the love he had for God and us. Is it that much to ask of us that we live as his disciples if he forgives our sins and restores to us the promise of eternal life. I, for one, certainly think that such a gift comes cheap at any price on our part.
Jesus, open my heart to the truth of the Gospel. Inspire me to attend the Easter Vigil tonight and open my heart to the many graces I know will be there as a gift from you to me.