The past two Sundays we have reflected upon the roles of sacrifice and suffering and how they can be the forerunners of life. Today we celebrate Life itself – the resurrection of Jesus is the sign and promise of what we all hope for in the midst of sacrifices and suffering. We celebrate the truth and ultimate victory of life and love over all else this wonderful day of Easter.


The cry that goes out through all the earth is, “Jesus is alive!” It is a cry that stems from the experience as told by Mary Magdalene, “I have seen the Lord.” It is the same reality that the apostles will share with Thomas in next week’s Gospel and it is the same reality that must continue to drive forward our zeal and efforts to share the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus with the whole world.


Today there is no time for mourning or sadness. There is only time for joy and thanksgiving. Today we celebrate the truth that everything we have sacrificed and all the sufferings we have endured were worthwhile for they bring us to experience this moment more fully and with greater clarity. Without the cross- without the suffering and passion of Jesus, the resurrection would lose its power to be that great sign of victory that God has over sin and death. Here we begin to share in Christ’s definitive victory and take on the responsibility of sharing it with the world. The resurrection changes the way we look at life forever. We no longer have to give in to despair in the face of suffering and trials, but we can look forward with hope to the glory that all the saints will receive at the end of time!


Let us then come out of the darkness of the tomb and into the light of the resurrection and live our livers in the truth of God’s enduring and infinite love for us. Let us open our hearts to the grace of hope and allow our minds to be renewed in the truth of the promise of eternal life that Jesus makes to us all if we will place our faith, hope and love in Him.


How do I live my life? Do I allow myself to live in the darkness of sin and death or do I open my heart to the fullness of life that Jesus offers me?


Holy Spirit, come and renew my life in the truth of the resurrection. Never allow me to despair in the sufferings and sin of my life but lead me to share in the victory of Jesus each day of my life.