“Jesus is Risen!” is the cry of an Easter people. There is nothing more important to us than this. If Jesus has not risen from the dead then the Gospel is emptied of its power and our lives of discipleship are meaningless in the equation of eternal life. We may be good people, but good id not enough to merit eternal life. Only the offer of salvation from Jesus, through his death and resurrection can merit us eternal life. It is important for us deepen our appreciation of this truth as the more we believe it, the more willing we will be to pay the price of discipleship

Jesus is not interested in lip-service. This is why he came in person to redeem us. He came to reveal to us the true nature of love and both the demands love makes and consequences of these demands for those who wish to be numbered among the saints of God. For 2000 years God had worked with a people who, while at times were very pliant to his will and love, more often than not demonstrated a remarkable ability to reject the offer of God’s love and set out according to their own wisdom.

We all have to learn to submit our wills to the will of God if we want the best for our lives. There is nothing and no one who will force us to do this, but there are consequences if we choose not to obey God’s will. One of these consequences will be the failure to enter into the gift of eternal life. Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus which God wants us all to experience. IF we truly open our hearts to the fullness of the promise of Jesus’ resurrection, I believe it ill be virtually impossible for us not to accept the gift he offers and so enter into a life of discipleship.

Let us al pray for the grace to open our hearts to the truth and power of the resurrection and, in so doing, set ourselves up as disciples of Jesus and heirs to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus, you have revealed the Father’s love to us in unequivocal fashion. Help me to surrender my life to you and follow wherever you lead me.