The proclamation of the Church today is, “Jesus is risen from the dead!” This truth marks a turning point in human history as it is now possible for us to live free of the powers of sin. We can avail ourselves of the gift of salvation and so make use of the grace God has poured out for us through the death and resurrection of his Son in order to live holy and righteous lives. In an absolute sense this was not possible before as sin reigned supreme over the earth. The Law of Moses and those who followed it challenged the power of sin, but the Law and obedience to it was unable to overcome sin’s power absolutely. The reason for this is that sin causes absolute offence against God and no matter how hard a human being tries he or she is not able to overcome the infinite offence caused by even the smallest of sins. There is an infinite offence in every sin because every sin is an offence against the infinite love God has for each of us.


Jesus is able to repair the damage done by sin simply because he is both God and man. In his humanity he can identify with us and in his divinity he has the capacity to heal the infinite offence of our sins. This is the wonder of the incarnation and the willingness of Jesus to be ‘one of us.’ Without the humility of Jesus in this, our salvation would not be possible! Jesus, as a man, shows us that obedience to God’s will is possible and in being obedient unto death himself wins for us the forgiveness we need to be reconciled with our heavenly Father.


The Father then demonstrates his faithfulness to his Son by raising him from the dead. This also shows us that the powers of death and sin have been overcome once and for all! The power that sin has exercised since the Fall is now ended for those who wish to live according to the Spirit of God and the precepts of the Gospel. It will not be easy, but it is possible to overcome sin and live according to the way and plan God has for our lives.


How well have I appropriated the gift of my salvation? Do I live a life free of the powers of sin and fear of death? If not, where do I have to grow in faith in order to be more faithful to the Gospel proclamation?


Father, you did not abandon us even though we sinned grievously against you. You sent us Jesus to be our redeemer. Thank you for all of this and help me to live faithfully according to your will for me.