I like to try and imagine what it would be like to encounter someone who has risen from the dead! What would it have been like for the apostles? They have just watched Jesus die a couple of days ago and now they are told to go to Galilee and wait for Jesus! They are told that some of the women have seen Him alive. I think I would be very sceptical of such reports! However, on encountering the Risen Lord, I really have no idea what I would do, probably fall to my knees and worship though I doubt I would be able to speak a word!

To encounter someone who has risen from the dead would undoubtedly change a person’s life forever. There would be no excuses for not believing in the resurrection – you would have personally seen it happen. I think this is one of the reasons whey the teaching and preaching of the apostles has a slightly different character to it when compared with those who did not personally experience the person of Jesus here on earth. Their conviction would be so much deeper than ours because they are not relying upon ‘reported evidence,’ they are the witnesses to the very fact!

Personal experience is an essential aspect of our faith response to God because it gives the element of conviction to our proclamation of the Gospel. God wants us all to meet and experience His love personally so that we can be transformed by it into the sons and daughters of the Father we are meant to be. When we read the testimonies of the conversions of many of the saints of the first few centuries we see that their faith is more than an idea or words – it is a the lived experience of their daily lives. God is not just a distant figure somewhere in the heavens; He is an intimate friend who shares in every aspect of our lives except sin.

As we reflect upon the meaning of the resurrection for each of us, let us open our hearts more fully to the grace and truth He desires to bring into our lives to make us more like himself.

How can I be more faithful in reflecting upon the meaning of the resurrection for me personally?

Holy Spirit, lead me deeper into the truth of God’s love and show me how to surrender my life to it.