Is 26: 1-6 It is the upright person who will be welcomed into the City of God on Judgment Day. We cannot just presume that we will be among the elect on that day. We have to make the right decisions now so that we will be numbered among the elect when the saints go marching in! Yes, we have all heard of the song, but to be a part of that number means living a life that reflects obedience to God’s word and will.

Holy Spirit, I want to be numbered among the saints on the Last Day; help me to be faithful in following the example of Jesus.

Mt 7: 21. 24-27 Yes, Jesus has saved us all by his death and resurrection but the Gospel tells us in no uncertain terms that it is those who DO the will of God who will enter heaven. We have to live upright and holy lives to the best of our ability if we want to share in the gift of eternal life. This requires perseverance in our faith and trust in God’s will. We cannot do this alone; we need the help of God’s grace and the support of the Church.

Thank you, Jesus, for calling me into the community of the Church so that I can be supported in my walk of faith. It is a good thing to know that I never have to walk alone.