Does God have favourites? I do not think so? Do some people seem to have a much easier lives than others? Yes, this seems to be true? However, I wonder if it is actually true in reality. If there is one thing sure in this discussion it is that each of us has to live our own lives and no matter how much we may wish to, we cannot swap what we have for another person’s life! It is also impossible for me to know what it means to live somebody else’s life. If I am poor and I look at a rich person and think they have got it easy, how do I know this is true? They may have it easy in terms of their response to the needs and requirements of this mortal life, here on earth, but that is not the whole situation! The real question pertains to whether or not they are making the right decisions in the questions that pertain to eternal life, not the life of this world!

Let me explain. Nobody lives their life in a moral vacuum. Each of us is morally obliged to care for the brothers and sisters around us. The rich person obviously has a far greater responsibility in this regard than the poor person. This does not absolve the poor person of any responsibility to care for his or her neighbour. The rich person will be wise if he/she realises and then acts upon the realisation that they have a moral responsibility to use their wealth to help the poor. This is not an easy thing for them to do as it means letting go of wealth they could use to increase their own pleasure. However, if the rich person chooses to live only for his or her self, come the Day of Judgement they may well be left to fend for themselves as well! I certainly would not want that to happen to me.

In some ways the poor person has an easier life with fewer responsibilities than the rich person. So to say God favours the rich may not be a correct assessment of the situation at all. Read the Scriptures and you will find many general condemnations and challenges given to the rich. There are very few that are specific to the poor!

Do I tend to believe that I have been given a difficult lot in life – that God has favoured others over me? If so, is this a true reflection of the facts?

Holy Spirit, teach me to be grateful for what I have and to use it well so that on the Day of Judgement I will be secure in the knowledge of having been faithful to God’s will.