The apostles present Thomas with a challenge. They have seen the Lord! Will Thomas believe them? As we are well aware, Thomas’ initial response is in the negative. However, after he too encounters Jesus, he is ready to believe. I do not think that Thomas’ response is all that far from that which we could normally expect from a person being confronted with such a challenge as he was! I like to think that I would have believed without seeing, but I somehow think I would have given pretty much the same answer as Thomas did. What about you?

Herein lies an awesome responsibility. Yes, it is possible for Jesus to appear to people today but it does not seem to be His preferred way of acting! He has given each one of us, His disciples, the responsibility to make Him manifest to the world in the way that we live our lives. “Oh, no!” I can virtually here you cry. “Oh, yes! What a joy this task will be for us all if we can learn to trust that it is the work of the Holy Spirit and not dependent solely upon us!” is the reply that I make to you! It is an awesome responsibility, but at the same time it is potentially the greatest joy of our lives. To be a part of someone coming to faith in Jesus Christ is one of the most joyous things we can experience as human beings. This is witnessing the gift of eternal life coming to someone who is destined to die and be apart from God forever. What could bring greater joy than that!

We have walked with Jesus through His sufferings and death. We have now experienced His resurrection. Let us take hold of this truth and draw forth from it the maximum amount of joy and happiness in order to be recharged for the mission ahead. Our lives will always be a mixture of joys and sorrows, blessings and trials – but the overwhelming experience will be the joy of knowing that we are walking and working with the Lord if we place our trust in Him and truly believe that He is risen from the dead. Nothing will be able to harm us in a permanent way if this is the foundation upon which we build our lives.

How strongly do I believe in the power of the resurrection to change every aspect of my life?

Holy Spirit, come into my life in a sovereign way and remove from my mind all doubt in the resurrection of Jesus so that I will truly become an Easter person with alleluia as my song.