Most if not all of us have used a computer or a piece of electronic gadgetry like a cell phone or television, yet how many of us can explain how the electronic equipment works. My guess is that very few of us can do this! Yet the remarkable fact is we are all willing to trust that these things work! None of us doubts that the person we are talking to on the other ‘end of the line’ is not the person we want to talk to because we can hear them. More than that, we do not doubt the ability of the cell phone to make this possible. The same goes for any piece of electronic gadgetry. Why do we find it so easy to believe in electronics even when we do not understand it? Yes, we can experience using the gadgets but how much of it should we attribute to the engineers who assure us that they have got it right?

Thomas has difficulty believing his fellow apostles when they tell him Jesus has risen from the dead. He demands visible and tangible proof. Fortunately for Thomas Christ is willing to provide this for him yet it still does not explain to him how Jesus was raised from the dead. This aspect of the resurrection remains forever shrouded in mystery. This is where, whether we like it or not, we have to shift to the realm of faith and trust that what the witnesses have recorded did indeed happen even though we are unable to explain it.

Unlike the example of electronics I gave earlier we cannot explain the mechanics of the resurrection – only its reality; but then, this is really all we can do when it comes to understanding of these electronic gadgets – even if I exp0lained it all to you down to the movement of the last electron, most of you would still not be able comprehend it all as you do not have the requisite training. However we are all happy to use these electronic devices.

Let us pray for the grace of faith in order to believe and trust fully in the promises of the resurrection.

Lord Jesus, help me to believe in you and all you promise to the person of faith. I want to be your disciple. Help me to overcome my doubts through love and faith in you.