Acts 13: 13-25 Paul is careful to link his proclamation of the Gospel to what the people know of the Old Covenant. This indicates there must have been a considerable number of Jews in his audience. Paul was not just concerned with evangelizing the Gentiles. He loved his fellow Jews and wanted them to be saved as well (see Rom 9-11). It is important that we also have a care for the whole mission of the Church and not just the portion in which we are presently involved.

Let us always pray and intercede for the work of evangelization throughout the world. Jesus, let me grow in my love and care for all men and women.

Jn 13: 16-20 At the heart of the Gospel message is the call to serve. Jesus expressed it best when he stated that he came to serve and not be served. There are too many people today who have the sense of entitlement about various things including the gift of salvation. The Scriptures are very clear that we will have to WORK out our salvation in fear and trembling. Nothing is a done deal such that we deserve anything! We need to be willing to work and work hard for the the worthwhile things of life even if the primary mode of receiving them has to do with grace and gift!

Holy Spirit, do not allow me to grow complacent and lazy in my faith. Help me to embrace the call to serve and work hard for the sake of the Kingdom of God.