2 Sm 6: 12b-15. 17-19 David rejoices unashamedly in victories the Lord wins for his people. Today is the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. His way of rejoicing in the Lord takes a different form. He writes, seeking greater understanding of the ways of God and Man. It is important that the Church encourages such reflection as it adds to our knowledge of God and better enables us to understand and follow his will as individuals and as Church.

Holy Spirit, please grant me the grace to enter more deeply into understanding and knowing God. Help me to work hard at reflecting upon the wisdom of the Scriptures, the Traditions of the Church and the many writings of the great philosophers and theologians who have gone before me.

Mk 3: 31-35 The theme of God’s will constantly recurs in the teachings of Jesus. This may not be a surprise to us when we think about it, but I wonder how much time and energy each of us puts into trying to discover God’s will for our lives? From personal experience, I doubt it will be that much! Let us seek to turn this anomaly around – let us resolve to make an effort each day to ask God at the beginning of it what he wants us to do.

Holy Spirit, help me to become disciplined in seeking your will for me at the beginning of each day.