I do not have any doubt at all that Jesus cured the physical blindness of many in His time. In fact, I believe that this still happens today! However, I cannot help thinking every time I read one of the stories of these healings in the Gospels that God is saying more to us than that He has the power to heal physical blindness. I think God is telling us that we should be looking deep into our hearts and minds for different sorts of blindness that are contributing to our inability to perfectly follow His will for our lives.

There is no doubt that each of us is blinded to the love of God to one extent or another. This is a direct consequence of sin in our lives. The question is not whether or not the blindness is there, but what are we doing about it? God never stops trying to reveal His love to us but wee are often too busy or simply just not interested to listen for His voice. This is a far more tragic form of blindness than the man who cannot see in the Gospel! Our blindness can take on many forms and degrees as is indicated by the gradual healing of the blind man in the Gospel. It is usually not a matter of spiritual blindness being here one day and gone the next – the process of moving to a new sight and vision of God and His will is one that takes place over an extended period of time.

To overcome spiritual blindness we first must address the spiritual pride in our lives. That is, we must admit that we have a problem we cannot solve on our own and avail ourselves of the grace of God to address it! This first step is often the most difficult as there seems to be something within each of us that does not like admitting we are incapable of solving our own problems. Once this first step can be accomplished the way is made clear for the grace of God to enter into the troubled areas and bring the necessary healing and change.

What are the blindnesses that affect my ability to respond to the Word of God more fully? Am I willing to ask God to heal me?

Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to stand before you in honesty and truth and admit my brokenness and need for your help.