We have all experienced being caught in the dilemma of having to choose a particular course of action that will bring about results that are both desired and undesired. It is part of living in an imperfect world where sin exists and still wreaks havoc in the lives of men and women. Yes, there are times when we are happy with all of the consequences of a particular act – let us pray that these types of situations increase and the former types decrease!

The moral life is rarely completely black or completely white; there are many shades of grey that are contributed to by a variety of circumstances and the general life-situations of the individuals involved. However, we are not living in a world where there are no moral absolutes! God has given us a clear moral direction in our humanity and it is this truth of our human person hood, created in the image and likeness of God, that guides us along the path of righteousness.

The truth of the human person can be known by everyone and is not so obscure as to be that difficult to discover and understand that we are excused if we act incorrectly. No! We are called to be diligent and untiring in our search for the truth, particularly moral truth as the way we act determines our character – it creates us to be the people we are and hence plays an enormous part in the witness we give to the world of who we are as Christians.

If we are in doubt as to how we should act in a particular moral situation we should defer to the teaching of the Church or refrain from acting until we have reached certainty, or at least a reasonable degree of certainty that what we are about to do is the correct thing in that situation. Too many times today we see people deciding moral issues through emotive arguments which rarely plumb the depths of truth. Sometimes the right answer will be achieved, but not often enough. We must be willing to scrutinize our moral situations with the gift of our reason and search out the truth according to the mind of God.

How well do I understand the moral teaching of the Church? Do I need to seek out a deeper understanding of the issues that affect my life?

Holy Spirit, lead and guide me in the ways of truth. Help me to never be satisfied until I have discovered the truth of the matter at hand.