Rev 1:1-4; 2:1-5 It is a sad thing to see love die within a person. I remember with great sadness watching this happen in a good friend of mine. At first I looked up to her as an inspiration for what it meant to be committed to following Jesus. Then, after a couple of bad decisions that she made, her love for God gradually began to die to the point that she was no longer interested in talking about God’s place in her life!

I pray fro her as often as I remember that she will rediscover that love for God which used to burn so brightly. I hope and pray that all whose love for God has waned will rediscover their original fervor for Him.

Lk 18:35-43 Te blind man knows enough to believe that Jesus can do something to help him. He must have been somewhat apprehensive as Jesus was probably his last resort for hope of a cure. E calls out to Jesus and is not disappointed. Jesus heals him and tells Him that the healing is a result of his faith. If only more people had the depth of faith as this man!

Jesus, sometimes people are cured and sometimes they are not. I do not pretend to understand why this is the case. I merely ask for the grace of a deeper faith so that I will find it easier to accept whatever is your plan for my life.