What we mean by greatness will always depend upon the bases upon which this judgment is made. This means that there can be many different understandings of greatness. So, what does greatness in the eyes of the Lord mean? How does this sort of greatness differ from that which we see more commonly pursued by the world?

The greatness of the world has to do with the ability to influence the way in which the world is run. It has to do with power to change the way people act and react in regards to circumstances that arise. Thus, a rich person is powerful as they are able to influence things through the use of money; the politician through political power, the army through martial law.

The Christian has power in his or her life through obedience to God. This power is far more powerful and effective in bringing change to peoples’ lives when it is judged in terms of the perspective of eternal life. Quite literally, who cares less about the power to influence happenings in the world when there is power available to influence the destiny of individuals in regards to their eternal life? When we evangelize someone this is exactly what we do. When an entrepreneur or politician influences the course of world events it rarely, if ever, as any effect upon the status of the eternal life of individuals. This can be a very sobering fact to consider.

Given the choice between having influence over eternal life and influence over the quickly passing reality of life in this world, surely we would be mad to choose the latter rather than the former!  Te saints certainly agree wit this sentiment. Their focus is undoubtedly running the race that leads to eternal life rather than worrying about the incidental realities that are related to our lives in this world. It is this that is the basis of their contempt for earthly glory or recognition. Who ever saw someone like Mother Teresa seeking earthly glory? Her life was totally focused upon the search for eternal life.

Is my life directed towards the search for earthly or eternal glory? Have I got the right perspective upon the way I commit myself to the things of this world?

Lord Jesus, your sole focus was to be obedient to the will of your father in Heaven. In this you are the perfect example of a life lived in contempt of the offerings of worldly glory. Help me to embrace this attitude in my life.